Big Graffiti Pendant

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The coolest pendant out there that you can actually personalize! Filled with nice wibes and positivity, this GRAFFITI pendant is meant to be read, adored and worn with pride and nonchalance. You write us your own words, phrases, names etc. and transform a ready design into something very special.

For GRAFFITI collection we drew inspiration from the very walls of the city surrounding us and how graffiti layeres transform some places into bright and colorful works of art. To convey graffiti into jewelry, we needed COLOR and there was no color in jewelry around us, only stones or expensive enamel.. So we studied an old French art of coloring jewelry and then came up with our own unique way of adding colors to the engraving that will transform the way jewelry looks and will stay put strongly on the surface of silver and gold. CITIMI is one of the very few studios in the world that can add different colors to your jewelry.

Join us in creativity - give us your words, your dates and symbols... and we'll turn them into unique jewelry! There is no better gift for someone and there is no better gift for yourself.


You can unleash your creativity and make a truly unique piece! Send us all the words and phrases you want to see on the pendant and we'll turn them into a Graffiti-style design for your one-of-a-kind perfect gift or a personal statement. Filled with private jokes & custom wishes, she'll never forget who this gift is from or how special she is when wearing this pendant! Surprise your sister, mom, bestie or girlfriend... and don't forget to get a matching necklace for yourself!


    1) Choose the CHAIN LENGTH:
        - 18"  [45cm, most common chain length]
        - 22" [55cm, good for bigger items]

  • 2a) Choose # of words you want to see on the pendant
  • 2b) Choose the Metal [base is always SOLID Sterling Silver]:
        - Sterling Silver
        - Gold Plated
        - Rose Gold Plated
  • 3) Choose if you want the engraving to be colored or blank.
  • Color is black by default, if you want other color, make sure to include it in the "Note" to order field during the checkout.
    Available Colors:
        - Red
        - Yellow
        - Blue
        - Turquoise
        - Purple [stunning option for gold&rose gold]
        - Black
        - No Color = bare engraving/hand stamping

    5) Fill out "NOTE" field with your personalization request during the checkout:
    Make us a list of words/phrases that you want to include in your graffiti-style pendant and corresponding font numbers. If you want something engraved on the other side of the pendant, please be sure to differentiate which inscription is for the one side and which is for the another. There is no word limit, however at some point it will be too small to read! In example there are around 32-33 words.

    Try to be specific if you want something special/unusual and we'll find the way to do it.




Ring Size Chart

More information about sizes conversion can be find on The Official International Ring Size Conversion Chart.