CITIMI is young innovative brand of jewelry inspired by travel and city life

Founded in 2014 by Natalia Gagulina after she had finished her studies of fashion design in Istituto Marangoni. During her university career she was particularly inspired by creating unusual and sophisticated textures which she now translated into her meticulously detailed state-of-art city collection. The creation of first 10 cities in the collection took her more than a year to finish, since she was in control of each stage of design and strived to achieve nothing less than visual perfection. CITIMI has already been noticed by a few significant shops and retail chains around the world, so designs you see online now are soon to be available in most major cities of the world. It's perfect time to become the early adopter!

Why cities? In her own words:

"I am lucky to have lived in a wide range of wonderful places ranging from snowy Moscow, where I was born, and all the way through to Milan, where I study. Each of these places has touched my soul, and the aim of my range was to connect with this, while also making these experiences available for more people to enjoy. Each new destination I travel to spawns a new collection, and so it continues to grow alongside my personal journey!"

The first city she ever created was Moscow to honor her origins, but now she mostly alternates between European and US cities and a big addition of Asian cities in 2017.


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